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Whatís more attractive to New Orleans businessesóFree Wifi or not being under water?

Ted Balaker
November 28, 2005, 12:54pm

Article here. And New Orleans isn't learning from other cities like Minneapolis and Philly. Yes they're still in the throes of WiFi fever, but at least they had the sense to back away from plans to own and operate the system themselves: There is talk of outsourcing the system to a contractor at some point, but new bureaucracies have a way of trying to hold on to what they've got. But the city probably won't issue many building permits if it's under water: Article here. Perhaps Nagin is banking on the feds eventually coming through with levee money. OK, but there are still pleny of other issues that deserve a tad more attention than free WiFi. Take crime: Article here. More on screwy priorities here.

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