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Reason Alert: Tax Day and the Supreme Court

Tax day coverage, Justice Stevens to retire and paramilitary raids

April 16, 2010

- Tax Day Coverage
- Justice Stevens to Retire
- L.A.’s Pot Revolution
- Friday Funnies

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Justice Stevens to Retire
Radley Balko writes: "Stevens' record on defendants’ rights is still rather mixed. The title of most pro-civil liberties justice on the current Court is a little like the title 'Best Strip Bar in Utah.' It speaks more to the lack of competition than to Stevens' merits."

And Jacob Sullum writes: "If progressives and conservatives paid attention to the whole Constitution, instead of just their favorite parts, they would be in a better position to evaluate both Stevens' legacy and the fitness of his successor."

Paramilitary Police Don't Make Us Safer
In the Washington TimesRadley Balko explains why it is time to get rid of over-aggressive SWAT teams: "Today, every decent-sized city has a SWAT team, and most have several. Even absurdly small towns like Eufaula, Ala., (population 13,463) have them. In even more sparsely populated areas, federal funding has allowed for multijurisdictional task forces - SWAT teams that serve several counties. SWAT teams today overwhelmingly are used to serve search warrants on suspected drug offenders. Where their purpose once was to defuse an already violent situation, today they break into homes to look for illicit drugs, creating violence and confrontation where there was none before. Whatever you think of drug prohibition, this is the wrong way to enforce it. ...In this era of tight budgets, smaller cities and towns should consider disbanding the local SWAT team. They'll save money on training, equipment and overtime. They'll be returning to a less aggressive, less militaristic, more community-oriented method of policing."

L.A.’s Pot Revolution
"Is America ready for a world in which pot is as culturally and physically prevalent as it has become in L.A.? In a national Zogby poll conducted in April 2009, 52 percent of respondents supported treating marijuana more or less like alcohol, while other recent polls put the percentage in the 40s. Support for legalization is higher in California: A Field Poll of California voters taken the same month as the Zogby survey put support for legalization at 56 percent statewide and 60 percent in Los Angeles County. This fall we will see whether those opinions translate into voter support for a California ballot initiative that would, at long last, legalize and tax adult possession of marijuana...The fight to define what happened in L.A. during the 'wild West' days of what amounted to legal over-the-counter pot is the same sort of battle. If the complaints that led to the regulatory crackdown are understood as arising from anti-pot prejudice, NIMBYism, and the occasional sighting of 'undesirables,' rather than real threats to public order and safety, it will seem pretty silly to continue spending billions of dollars and millions of man-hours each year to stop people from exchanging money for pot. The accidental result of a city attorney who didn’t want to legitimize marijuana and a city council that didn’t want to think about it could be the realization that it’s better to allow a pot free-for-all than to continue to wage war on marijuana." - Brian Doherty in his cover story in the May issue of Reason magazine
South Park on Medical Marijuana

Friday Funnies

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