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State of the State: Nevada in 2011

Harris Kenny
March 17, 2011, 4:41pm

This is the sixth of a ten-part series on the 2011 State of the State (SOTS) speeches in states with the ten worst projected relative budget deficits for FY 2012. Budget data is from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities' (CBPP) recent budget report, and SOTS speech text is from Stateline. CBPP's data on states' FY 2012 budget deficits as a percentage of their FY 2011 budget is the benchmark for relative budget deficits.

According to CBPP, Nevada is projected to have the worst relative budget deficit of any state in FY 2012, totaling over 45% of its FY 2011 budget. Nevada has an absolute projected budget deficit of $1.5 billion, placing it in the middle of the pack using the latter measure.

On January 24, 2011 Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval delivered his 2011 SOTS speech (full text available here). He notably says, ‚??[For Nevada,] true success lies in making a fundamental course correction.‚?Ě Gov. Sandoval includes more substantive discussion of policy in his SOTS than any other governor evaluated in this ten-part series so far. Below are the policy proposals included in his address:

Policymakers in the Silver State are grappling with the worst projected relative budget deficit in the country. While there are no quick fixes, Gov. Sandoval does include an impressive number of policy proposals to assist in balancing the budget. For more ideas, see the American Legislative Exchange Council‚??s (ALEC) recently published State Budget Reform Toolkit and Reason Foundation‚??s Annual Privatization Report 2010: State Government Privatization section.

For the previous articles in this SOTS series, see: Wisconsin, California, Illinois, Connecticut, Minnesota and Oregon.

Harris Kenny is Policy Analyst

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