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If Romney Is Their Nominee, Republicans Are Nuts

January 6, 2012

- If Romney Is Their Nominee, Republicans Are Nuts
- The Bright Side of Ron Paul's Third-Place Finish in Iowa
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If Romney Is Their Nominee, Republicans Are Nuts
At, Reason magazine Editor in Chief Matt Welch writes: "After 39 months of consistent public hostility to bailout economics, after the rise of the tea party movement, after town-hall opposition to 'Obama care,' after the long-shot Scott Brown win in Massachusetts, after the 2010 limited-government resurgence in the House of Representatives ... after all of these unmistakable signs of public -- let alone Republican -- sentiment, the alleged party of limited government may be on the verge of nominating someone who is running to President Barack Obama's left on Medicare, who helped pave the way for the Obama policy Republicans hate most and who has no real plan for cutting the biggest growth items in the federal budget."
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The Bright Side of Ron Paul's Third-Place Finish in Iowa
Reason magazine Editor in Chief Matt Welch says Rep. Ron Paul has seven reasons to be happy with his third-place finish in Iowa:
1) Paul more than doubled his vote over 2008, while Mitt Romney's stayed exactly the same. Seriously, Romney got 30,000 votes (25 percent of the total) in 2008, then 30,000 votes (25 percent of the total) in 2012. Paul vaulted from 10 percent to 21, from 12,000 votes to 26,000. His message of freedom, limited government, attacking the Federal Reserve, and ending wars foreign and domestic is undeniably on the grow.
2) Paul's delegate- and caucus-focused strategy means that he will likely punch above his electoral weight. The campaign focused not just on doing well at the caucus, but making sure Paul-friendly humans get nominated as county delegates, so that when the 25-delegate pie is eventually divvied up Dr. No will get more than projected. Paul has a nationwide focus on caucus states, which are more susceptible to concerted applications of supporter enthusiasm.
Read Welch's full list here.
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