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Reason Alert: President Obama's War in Libya

Plus, where can high-speed rail work in the United States?

April 1, 2011

- President Obama's Doctrine of Preemptive War

- Fast Trains to Nowhere

- Tea Party vs. Speaker Boehner

- The President's Energy Plan

- New at Reason

President Obama's Doctrine of Preemptive War
Reason magazine Editor in Chief Matt Welch writes: "So we knew that President Obama would not be anti-war, but rather anti-dumb-war, however defined by his braintrust. And we further knew that said braintrust would largely be copacetic with the post-Munich, post-Bosnia worldview of Madeleine Albright, Samantha Power, and a generation of foreign policy minds flexible enough to oppose the war in Iraq almost at least half as vociferously as they endorsed war in Kosovo. But what we didn't know was, where do they draw the all-important line of whether and when the United States should use deadly force?...for those Democrats who are either cheering on or grimly supporting the president's actions, just remember this: Unless a Ron Paul-type miraculously emerges from the GOP field, the next Republican president now has an even lower bar than before when it comes to launching a preemptive war. There's a reason why the biggest fans of last night's speech were hawks like William Kristol: If you didn't like Iraq, you really won't like Iran. And when that day comes, please don't debase yourselves by crying crocodile tears over the Constitution, or pretending for even one second you are anti-war."

Reason magazine's Peter Suderman adds: "Kudos to you, America: Your military is able to wage war swiftly even in the absence of clear goals or anything resembling an endgame.  And lest anyone doubt the might of the American war machine, the U.S. military is even able to conduct quick, poorly justified military actions while managing several other needless, expensive wars in the background. The president chided 'those who doubted our ability to carry out this operation,' retorting that 'the United States has done what we said we would do.' Which is what, exactly? Not 'war,' but 'time-limited, scope-limited military action,' or something. Never mind, I guess, that no one—not even the president—really seems to know just why we’re doing even that."
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Fast Trains to Nowhere
The USA Today editorial board makes its case for high-speed rail investments in select locations. And Reason Foundation's Robert Poole offers the opposing view that the U.S. has few, if any, places where the economics of high-speed rail will actually make sense.
Reason's Transportation Research

Government Spending

The Tea Party vs. Speaker Boehner

Nick Gillespie and Judge Napolitano Discuss Congress and the Debt on Freedom Watch 

Peter Suderman Discusses Entitlements, Debt and Spending on Fox Business


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