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Reason Alert: Occupy Wall Street Song, Job Myths

Remy heads to Occupy Wall Street, the myths about government job creation, and the Solyndra scandal grows

October 14, 2011

- Remy's Occupy Wall Street Song
- Occupy Wall Street: Beyond the Caricatures
- The Government Job Creation Myth
- President Obama's Solyndra Failures Mount
- The GOP Candidate Quiz
- New at Reason

Remy's Occupy Wall Street Song
Comedian Remy Munasifi heads to an Occupy Wall Street protest and channels Bob Dylan in this new music video.
Remy: Raise the Debt Ceiling
Remy: The TSA Pokey Pokey

Occupy Wall Street: Beyond the Caricatures
At, Michael Tracey writes, "By and large, the folks I've spoken to have not come off as 'woolly-headed' in the slightest. On Wednesday, for instance, I chatted with Jack Zwaan, a self-described 'Tea Party Libertarian' and Ron Paul supporter who had flown in from Little Rock, Arkansas, to attend the demonstration. Zwaan wielded a humongous Gadsden flag—yes, the kind of flag commonly seen at Tea Party protests. While there's no question that the Occupy movement has an ethereally left-leaning tilt—and to be sure, the appearance of traditional unions can make that tilt more pronounced—all the 'End the Fed' advocates, Ron Paul supporters, Internet freedom activists, and even some who identify as 'Tea Party Patriots' in the mix make this phenomena difficult to characterize with pithy soundbites...Certainly it's worth acknowledging that for the past decade or more, under Republicans and Democrats alike, government and hugely influential corporations have dined out—and then gotten bailed out–by many of the people now calling for change."
Friday Funnies: Occupy Wall Street and the White House
Video: What We Saw at Occupy Wall Street

The Government Job Creation Myth
In the November issue of Reason magazine, Editor in Chief Matt Welch writes: "The government scooped up hundreds of billions from taxpayers, redistributed it in the name of creating jobs, then attached a series of requirements that made job creation much more expensive and therefore unlikely. The predictably miserable results should have, but did not, shame a broad swath of the political class into a long-overdue facing of facts: Governments the world over are worse than no good at 'creating jobs.' That much is clear when we compare the job creationists’ rhetoric to their results. Every day on the campaign trail, then-candidate Obama promised to create 5 million ‘green jobs’ during the next 10 years. In January 2009, the White House predicted that the stimulus it was finalizing would create up to 4.1 million jobs. (In a depressing bit of symmetry, the economy ended up losing 4.7 million nonfarm payroll jobs in 2009, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, representing the greatest rate of decline since 1945.)...Such persistence in the face of repeated failure suggests that some powerful myths continue to hold sway among politicians and many of the people they represent. Among the most stubborn of these is the notion that passing a bill to fix a problem is the same as actually fixing the problem. This assumption—which reaches its illogical conclusion during times of national panic, when do-something busybodies like Michael Bloomberg will say that it doesn’t matter what Washington does, it just needs to do something—is oblivious to the law of unintended consequences, to the reality of corporatist lobbying, and to the limitations of government power.”
John Stossel: Government Is a Job Killer

President Obama's Solyndra Failures Mount
"The stubborn fact remains that the Nobel-winning president’s Nobel-winning energy secretary chose to throw $528 million at a company closely tied to one of his billionaire campaign donors. If that were the sum of the troubles—or if Obama had launched this charm offensive a month ago—the cloud might have passed with only a loss of a few kW in output. But the president has been relentlessly evasive. He has deployed his police in a manner that obstructs the Congress in its own investigation. He ignored his own staffers who doubted both the viability of the company and the public relations 'optics’ of an abundantly photographed presidential visit to Solyndra last year. Prior to the company’s implosion, the president’s Energy Department was on track to lend it another $469 million, and his minions showed an outrageously cavalier attitude toward the stewardship of your tax money. After this slovenly history, Obama is under pressure to show executive-style accountability, but because he is an entirely political character he can’t conceive of his situation in anything other than campaign terms. Sure, the Republicans are using this scandal for their own gain, escalating an argument over what is in D.C. terms a small sum of money, and chipping away at his green-spending regime for reasons that are opportunistic rather than principled. But so what? Who could blame Republicans for joining a turkey shoot like this one?" - Reason magazine's Tim Cavanaugh on why he expects the Solyndra scandal to continue to grow.

The GOP Candidate Quiz
Are you thinking about voting in the Republican primary in your state? Reason's GOP quiz will match your opinions with statements and positions from candidates like Rep. Ron Paul, Gov. Gary Johnson, Gov. Jon Huntsman, Gov. Mitt Romney, Herman Cain and the others to see who you are most compatible with.

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