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Reason Alert: Libertarians vs. Conservatives

Helen Thomas and the future of fair journalism

June 10, 2010

- Conservatives vs. Libertarians on Supreme Court Cases

- Helen Thomas and the Future of Journalism

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Conservatives vs. Libertarians on Supreme Court Cases
"Although libertarians and conservatives are routinely lumped together, even by seasoned legal journalists, there are profound differences between them over matters of law. With both libertarians and conservatives increasingly turning to the courts to advance their agendas, and with major legal battles brewing over contentious issues like gay marriage, health care, financial reform, and terrorism, these fault lines have the potential to reshape the legal landscape and affect the life, liberty, and property of every American for generations to come." - In his Reason magazine cover story, Damon Root examines how libertarians and conservatives have taken very different positions on major Supreme Court cases and how their differing views on government power will impact future debates.  

Helen Thomas and the Future of Journalism
"Straight reporters have been taught for six decades to submerge or even smother their political and philosophical views in the workplace. Like all varieties of censorship, this process creates resentment and distortion. Whatever it is that you feel prevented from saying, you will be more likely to scream once given the chance. This is why, for example, some of the most politically opinionated people you'll ever meet are newspaper reporters a couple drinks in out yakking with their colleagues. Degrading the quality of that discussion still further is the likelihood that the partisanship-averse journos haven't bothered to construct their own self-conscious political philosophy, beyond identifying Bad Guys and wanting to Fix Problems. Show me the world's most intractable problems-the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the inability to produce mass amounts of energy without negatively impacting the environment, the search for a beer that tastes great and is less filling-and I'll show you reporters in bars having conversations worthy of the Alex Jones show. It's not that they're all Helen Thomases-she is truly one of a kind-but that in the absence of subjecting their own beliefs to journalistic rigor, they are more likely than many would expect to quietly nurture beliefs that outsiders would find surprisingly slanted and even extreme." - Reason magazine Editor in Chief Matt Welch on Helen Thomas and the future of fair journalism.
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