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Reason-Rupe poll on 9/11, trading freedom for security, taxes and entitlements

September 2, 2011

- Reason-Rupe Poll on 9/11, Giving Up Freedom for Security, and Foreign Policy
- Reason-Rupe Poll Finds Voters Expect Taxes to Go Up
- President Obama Prepares a Jobs Plan, Again
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Reason-Rupe Poll on 9/11, Giving Up Freedom for Security, and Foreign Policy
As we approach the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the latest Reason-Rupe Public Opinion Survey finds Americans believe “we have given up too much freedom and privacy in the name of security," the war in Afghanistan is not making us safer, and the war Iraq has not been worth it. The national Reason-Rupe telephone poll of 1,200 adults finds:
- 55 percent of Americans say “we have given up too much freedom and privacy in the name of security” since 9/11
- 79 percent of Americans feel we have less privacy now than we did before 9/11 and 62 percent say we have less personal freedom today
- 81 percent have faith that the security measures implemented since the 9/11 attacks make us safer overall
- Only 15 percent of the public is “very confident” that the Department of Homeland Security will prevent another terrorist attack on U.S. soil, 40 percent are somewhat confident
- 49 percent of Americans believe the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) would catch a terrorist trying to board a plane at a U.S. airport, while 44 percent say the TSA would not
- 41 percent of the public supports replacing TSA screeners with airport security screeners from private companies who would work under government oversight, but 47 percent oppose such a change
- Just 19 percent of Americans believe keeping U.S. troops in Afghanistan until at least 2014 will make us safer, while 65 percent think it will make no difference in our safety and 12 percent contend it will make us less safe
- 62 percent of Americans say the war in Iraq has not been worth it for the United States
- 61 percent, say the United States uses its military force in too many foreign conflicts, 25 percent say the US military is used in the “right amount” of foreign conflicts and 9 percent say the military is not used enough
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Listen to Matt Welch Discuss These Findings With Brett Winterble on the Roger Hedgecock Show Tonight at 7:30 pm ET

Reason-Rupe Finds Voters Expect Taxes to Go Up and Congress to Spend That Money on New Programs
The Reason-Rupe poll also finds Americans expect Congress to raise taxes but don't trust them to spend that money paying down the national debt:
- Nearly 69 percent of voters expect their taxes to go up in the next five years and only 6 percent expect their taxes to go down
- Over 32 percent say they expect their taxes to increase “a lot” in the next five years and more than 36 percent anticipate their taxes will increase “a little”
- Only 27 percent of taxpayers believe Congress would actually use the money from tax increases to pay down the national debt, 62 percent of Americans say Congress would spend money from tax increases on new programs
- 77 percent of Americans (91 percent of Republicans, 75 percent of independents and 66 percent of Democrats) say the federal government needs a spending cap that prevents it from spending more than it takes in during a fiscal year
- 69 percent of voters support a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget
- 57 percent of Americans say reducing government spending will “mostly help” the economy, 21 percent believe cutting spending will “mostly harm” the economy
- Over 54 percent of Americans favor allowing workers to opt-out of Social Security if they choose to rely on their own retirement savings
- 56 percent support allowing workers to opt-out of Medicare if they choose to pay for their own health care in retirement
- 67 percent oppose raising Social Security’s retirement age
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Watch Reason Foundation Polling Director Emily Ekins Discuss These Findings on Fox Business’ Freedom Watch Tonight at 8 pm ET

President Obama Prepares a Jobs Plan, Again
"Months into the new normal that is routinely called the worst economy since the Great Depression, President Barack Obama gets it. It's all about jobs, jobs, jobs. And not like it was back in January 2009 (when he promised 3.5 million jobs over the next couple of years) or December 2009 (when he pushed for clean-energy jobs) or January 2010 (when he announced that jobs would be his 'number one focus' in his State of the Union address) or even September 2010 (when he promised employment via road-building projects that weren't undertaken as part of the 2009 stimulus' stated emphasis on shovel-ready infrastructure projects). This time he means it. Of course he does. After all, this time, it's not just about the economic vitality of the nation. His political future rests upon a jobs program so urgently needed that he's going to announce it mere days after Labor Day weekend. Nothing focuses the mind so much as worries about losing your own job...The starting point of any serious discussion about jobs, jobs, jobs should be the brutal fact that government, regardless of who is running it, cannot create positions apart from public-sector jobs. And those in most cases are zombie jobs that can only survive on infusions of fresh cash taken elsewhere from the economy via taxes. That's why state and local payrolls are being cut as federal stimulus dollars dry up. Which isn't to say that government can't help foster an environment that makes it easier for self-sustaining jobs to be created. Indeed, that's the one thing government can and should do: Create a reliable and stable fiscal and regulatory framework that businesses can rely on. What might go into creating such an atmosphere?" - Editor in Chief Nick Gillespie details what Washington can and can't do to help improve the economy. Interviews Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson

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