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Tea Party and the GOP, Now What?

November 5, 2010

- Election Analysis
- The Tea Party and Republicans
- California and Prop. 19
- Health Care Reform
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Three Reasons This Election Didn't Change a Thing Editor in Chief Nick Gillespie outlines three reasons the Republican takeover of the House won't mean much, starting with this: "When the GOP ran the show with George W. Bush, they spent like drunken sailors (apologies to drunken sailors). Things have only gotten worse since 2008 but the GOP's much-ballyhooed (at least by themselves) Pledge to America only pledges to spend the least bit less than the Dems. The Pledge conspicuously exempted defense and entitlements from spending cuts, thereby taking more than 60 percent of outlays off the table and making it impossible to seriously cut spending. Triumphant GOP spokespeople sounded the same message on Election Day, generally refusing to offer up specifics about spending cuts."

From Rand Paul to Christine O'Donnell to Alvin Greene, Reacting to Elections Across the Country
The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

This Was a Vote Against Government

Does President Obama Inspire Buyer's Remorse? We Ask Libertarians Who Voted for Him

The Day in Stupid: Election Reaction Edition


The Tears of John Boehner Are Like Acid to Freedom
"In one of the most shameless displays of political narcissism in recent memory, presumptive Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) choked up on Election Night when it became clear that he was gonna get to bang the big gavel come January 2011. Of course he started crying! His longtime goal of 'chasing the American Dream' (i.e. securing a big boy chair in Congress) has been realized like Gollum finally getting his bony paws on the one ring to rule them all. It's powerful stuff, getting misty when you're describing just how great it is to get where you're goin' to, especially when the destination is Washington, D.C. (gotta love how Boehner implies sacrifice on his part to enter Congress, where he's been hanging out since the early '90s). He wasn't bawling when he described how bad the past decade has been for regular Americans, that's for sure. And he somehow failed to apologize for the GOP majority's huge role in killing the budget as we know it back when President Bush was, well, president." - Editor in Chief Nick Gillespie

Republicans Are Not Serious If They Pick Bachus Over Royce

If the Tea Party Prefers Bachmann to Hensarling, What Good Is It?

Tea Party Candidates Are Backing Off From Serious Spending Cuts


Prop. 19 Shows That It's No Longer a Matter of If, It's a Matter of When

Drug Policy Reformers Should Not Interfere With Employers' Choices, and Neither Should Prohibitionists

Was Prop. 19's Defeat a Victory?

Liberal Media? Not on Prop. 19

Video: A California Growth Industry

How California Republicans Shot Selves in Both Feet, Missed '10 Bonanza

Video: San Francisco Bans Happy Meals


Does the Health Care Bill Reduce Spending?
Reason magazine columnist Veronique de Rugy writes, "ObamaCare doesn't reduce medical costs under even the rosiest of scenarios (that is, projections that take seriously all its creators' assumptions). What we can be certain of is that this legislation increases the amount of money taxpayers will be forced by law to pay for health insurance to the tune of $420 billion over the next 10 years. Claims about ObamaCare's deficit-reduction effects depend on new taxes growing even faster than new spending. Despite the persistent claims of Peter Orszag and other defenders of the president's health care legislation, ObamaCare has nothing to do with cutting costs."

What If the Health Care Projections Are Wrong?


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