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Latest on Fort Hood attack, health care, transportation, Ayn Rand and more

November 13, 2009

- Taking War More Seriously Than We Have
- The UPS-FedEx Ultimate Whiteboard Remix
- Reason's Webathon 2009
- Latest on Fort Hood, Health Care, Transportation and Ayn Rand

Taking War More Seriously Than We Have
As President Obama weighs his options in Afghanistan, Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie considers the costs of today's wars and his own father's sacrifices for this country during World War II:  "One of the strangest-and strongest-memories of my childhood was putting my fingertips in the five fading indentations across his ribs and back where German bullets had ripped his flesh and almost killed him. The wounds had hardened into shiny pinkish pearls in some places and faded almost to nothingness in others. Until I was 10 years old, whenever he took his shirt off in the sun at the beach or in the backyard, I would instinctively touch those secular stigmata and ask him what it felt like to be shot and he would shrug and say he didn't remember but it didn't feel especially good either...Veterans Day is never a happy occasion, especially when we remain at war in two different places, with leadership in both parties who have manifestly failed to define victory or mission or goals with any sort of clarity or consistency. We can and should honor past veterans for their service and sacrifice. And we can honor those currently serving by taking their lives more seriously than we have." Video: Veterans Say Every Day Is a Bonus

The UPS-FedEx Ultimate Whiteboard Remix
You've seen the UPS commercials. But never like this. Reason's Nick Gillespie takes to the whiteboard to explain why UPS' labor costs are twice FedEx's and why big brown wants big government to rig the rules of the game.
Using Unions as Weapons

Reason's Webathon 2009
For the next week, we are asking you to please help us make Reason magazine and stronger than ever by giving a tax-deductible donation to Reason Foundation, the nonprofit publisher of the leading libertarian website, video site, and print publication in this and all other known galaxies. The fight for for freedom has never been more important than now. Here we are, a decade into the 21st century, and 20 years after the beginning of the end of communism, and the U.S. government owns a car company, has taken over the financial sector, is about to squeeze out the market from health care, is fighting two bum wars, and on and on. Who could have thought it could get worse after Bush? (Plenty of Reason staffers, that's who.) Reason in all of its iterations is your voice in the public debate, your source for news and commentary from a principled (and non-dogmatic) libertarian perspective, and a virtual community of the forward-thinkers who can help lead us into a brighter futureWhen you give, you'll also receive books, subscriptions to Reason, bumper stickers and more. Please go here for details. And bring a friend.
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Fort Hood Attack

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