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Reason Alert: Annual Privatization Report, CPAC, Egypt

Coverage of GOProud and CPAC, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, plus infrastructure financing and green jobs

February 11, 2011

- Annual Privatization Report - Transportation

- The Financial Risk of Transportation Mega-Projects

- CPAC Coverage - The Left's Obsession With Corporations

- Al-Qaida Doesn't Have What It Takes to Threaten America

- More on Egypt, Health Care and the Economy  

Annual Privatization Report - Transportation
Reason's 24th Annual Privatization Report examines the latest trends in privatization, outsourcing and public-private partnerships at all levels of government. The first two sections by Robert Poole and Leonard Gilroy are available now:
Surface Transportation: Highways, Toll Roads, Infrastructure Financing
Airports, Airport Security and Air Traffic Control

The Financial Risk of Transportation Mega-Projects
In a new policy brief, Peter Samuel and Reason Foundation's Robert Poole examine what Boston's Big Dig fiasco can teach us about building and funding major infrastructure projects.

Phasing Out Fannie and Freddie
Today the Obama administration outlined plans to reform the housing market and eventually do away with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Earlier this week, Reason Foundation's Anthony Randazzo testified before Congress on how to protect taxpayers and get government out of the mortgage business.
Ten Arguments Against a Government Guarantee for Housing Finance

CPAC Coverage Video: What We Saw at CPAC
Video: at the GOProud-Andrew Breitbart Party Editor Nick Gillespie writes: "'s fascinating to me that the conservative movement can't recognize some elemental facts. First and foremost that the world they're trying to create, especially when it comes to intolerance of alternative lifestyles, is never going to happen. And that by insisting, as Sen. James DeMint and Rep. Jim Jordan have, that you can't be a fiscal conservative without being a social conservative, you're alienating all those independents who just might give the GOP a second chance at running the federal budget...the fiscal con wing was exposed as just that, a total con job. Under Bush and a supposedly conservative Congress, federal outlays jacked up about 60 percent in real terms. Second, defense cons blew it. They had two wars to show themselves as effective, and they screwed the pooch, wagged the dog...whatever. After a good, long ride at the top, they did nothing well. They didn't create a coherent foreign policy that suggests when the U.S. might intervene and when it shouldn't (the Global War on Terrorism is not simply vague, it provides no stopping point for Wilsonian interventionism, which is decidedly not conservative). And third, social cons have lost, period. Gays are not going back in the closet and demands for equal standing under the law are logically coherent from a conservative POV. Gays didn't destroy marriage or the family (neither of which is in ruins, by the way, but that's another issue)."

The Left's Obsession With Corporations
In the March issue, Reason magazine Editor in Chief Matt Welch writes: "Liberals and Democrats in the 1970s -a decade that should have proved once and for all the folly of letting 'the best and the brightest' try to build a technocratic nirvana-understood that loosening government control helped consumers at the expense of big corporations. The senator most responsible for pushing through airline deregulation was [Robert F.] Kennedy's uncle Ted. The staffer who did the most important legwork on the Kennedy-led Senate hearings was a guy who would later become a liberal Supreme Court Justice, Stephen Breyer. The most famous consumer advocate in favor of decontrol was Ralph Nader. And above them all stood a liberal president.'I share the basic beliefs of my region [against] an excessive government intrusion into the private affairs of American citizens and also into the private affairs of the free enterprise system,' Jimmy Carter said in his one and only presidential debate with the man liberals now blame for deregulation, Ronald Reagan. 'One of the commitments that I made was to deregulate the major industries of this country. We've been remarkably successful, with the help of a Democratic Congress. We have deregulated the air industry, the rail industry, the trucking industry, financial institutions. We're now working on the communications industry.' If only there were Republicans, let alone Democrats, who were as deregulatory in 2011 as Jimmy Carter was in 1978.
Steve Chapman: Why President Obama Wants to Cut Corporate Taxes

Al-Qaida Doesn't Have What It Takes to Threaten America
In her latest column for The Daily, Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia wonders why Islamist terrorists haven't struck the U.S. in the 10 years since 9/11. Dalmia writes: "They [Islamist terrorists] would have to be radicalized enough to die for their cause; Westernized enough to blend in without raising red flags; ingenious enough to exploit loopholes in the security apparatus; meticulous enough to attend to the myriad logistical details involved; self-sufficient enough to make preparations without enlisting outsiders; disciplined enough to maintain complete secrecy, and-above all-psychologically tough enough to function at a high level without cracking while planning their own death...Security hawks - like climate-change warriors - maintain that no expenditure is too big to deter another attack. But that is foolishness. A country sacrifices lives when it ignores bigger threats to fight smaller ones. More than 5,000 American soldiers have died in Afghanistan and Iraq without, on balance, saving any civilian lives. It is time to call of the 'war' on terrorism. Al-Qaida is not worth it."
Dalmia: Bollywood Is Beating Radical Islam


Video: Michael Moynihan Discusses Foreign Aid to Egypt on Cavuto

Health Care  

The Legal Left and the Individual Mandate

Supreme Court Will Likely Leave Congress With Too Much Commerce Clause Power

Justice Scalia's Complicated History with the Commerce Clause

Will Justice Kennedy Vote Against the Health Insurance Mandate?


The Unseen Consequences of "Green Jobs" The Dumbest Thing Ever Said! Hillary Clinton, About the Drug War and Money

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