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Reason Alert: Annual Highway Report

Plus the climate change conference and Whole Foods CEO John Mackey

December 18, 2009

- Annual Highway Report Ranks States on Highway Conditions
- Reason at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit
- Whole Foods CEO John Mackey: The Reason Interview
- New at Reason and the Latest Videos  

Annual Highway Report Ranks States on Highway Conditions, Cost-Effectiveness
Over half of all state-owned highways across the country are congested and 25 percent of bridges are deficient or functionally obsolete. Reason Foundation's 18th Annual Highway Report grades each state in 11 categories, including traffic congestion, pavement condition, fatalities, deficient bridges and total spending. North Dakota, New Mexico, Kansas and South Carolina have the nation's best highway systems. Alaska, Rhode Island, California, New Jersey, Hawaii and New York have the worst. For the full report, Google maps and more, please click here.

Reason at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit
Reason magazine Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey has been reporting from the global warming meetings all week. Here are his dispatches from Copenhagen:
President Obama and Premier Wen Still Deadlocked
The Green Jobs Delusion
Can the Climate Conference Avoid Diplomatic Doom?
Battle Between U.S. and China Threatens Climate Conference
The Most Important Number in the World
Video: Bailey and David Roberts of Grist

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey: The Reason Interview
Reason magazine's Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie call John Mackey "a cutting-edge entrepreneur who is comfortable quoting both Ludwig von Mises and astrology, who both practices veganism and sells some of the best meat in America, and who both chases profits and is an outspoken advocate of charitable giving, Mackey is an advocate of what he calls 'conscious capitalism.' He is that rarest of businessmen: an articulate and passionate defender of free enterprise and free individuals." In this Reason interview, Mackey discusses his health care ideas, politics, Whole Foods' customers, conscious capitalism and leadership.
Read the John Mackey Interview
Watch the John Mackey Interview
From the Archives: Mackey, Milton Friedman and T.J. Rodgers Debate Corporate Responsibility

New at Reason

John Stossel: Free Stuff From Uncle Sam

Shikha Dalmia: ReidCare's Mandate Will Raise Health Care Costs for Poor

Government Reform, Louisiana-Style

Modernizing and Expanding Pennsylvania's Transportation Infrastructure through Public-Private Partnerships

Worried About Terrorists in the Heartland? You Shouldn't Be

Five Reasons for Optimism

New Regulations Could Take Money from Girl Scouts

Jacob Sullum: The Clarity of False Choices

The Stakes in the Supreme Court's Next Gun Rights Case

Have a Coke and a Tax

Radley Balko: Chicago's Police Department Fights for Less Accountability

Ron Paul on Ben Bernanke

Latest Videos  

Why This Is the Best Holiday Season Ever

Matt Welch on C-Span's Washington Journal

Nick Gillespie on Fox News Channel's Red Eye

Gillespie on Fox's Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano From Poverty to Prosperity-Arnold Kling, Nick Schulz, & Economics 2.0 Red, White, and Sacrebleu-How American Wines Shocked the World
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