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Reason Alert: Air Traffic Delays, Cory Maye Gets a New Trial

Plus health care reform, Sarah Palin and net neutrality

November 20, 2009

- Your Flight Has Been Delayed - And It's Washington's Fault
- Cory Maye's Conviction Overturned, Gets New Trial
- Net Neutrality Will Slow the Internet
- New at Reason

Your Flight Has Been Delayed - And It's Washington's Fault
A government computer "glitch" caused hundreds of flights to be canceled or delayed yesterday. A new video featuring Robert Poole examines why we can buy inexpensive, state-of-the-art GPS systems for our cars and yet the Federal Aviation Administration still uses old radar systems to track $200 million jets. How is the FAA spending taxpayers' billions? And why isn't the nation's aviation system using modern technology? Video: Your Flight Has Been Delayed - And It's Washington's Fault
Robert Poole: This Week's Delays Show Air Traffic System Is Outdated and Politicized
Air Traffic Control Reform Newsletter

Cory Maye's Conviction Overturned, Gets New Trial
In the October 2006 issue of Reason magazine, Radley Balko brought national attention to the story of Cory Maye. Maye was a 21-year-old father at home with his 18-month-old daughter when he awoke to loud pounding on his door. In his Reason article, Balko wrote: "Frightened, he [Maye] ran to his bedroom, where Tacorriana was sleeping. He retrieved the handgun he kept in a stand by the bed, loaded it, and chambered a bullet. He got down on the floor next to the bed, where he held the gun and waited in the dark next to his little girl, hoping the noises outside would subside. They didn't. They got worse...Seconds later, someone kicked open the bedroom door. A figure rushed up the steep, three-step entrance to the house and entered the room. Maye fired into the darkness, squeezing the trigger three times. Maye says the next thing he remembers is hearing someone scream, 'Police! Police! You just shot an officer!' He then dropped his gun, slid it away from his body, and surrendered...Maye insists he didn't hear the officers announce they were police until after he'd fired his gun. Asked by his lawyer at the trial what he'd have done if he'd known the intruders were police, he replied, 'I would have let them in.' A jury rejected this account of mistaken self-defense and sentenced Maye to death for the murder of Ron Jones. But the evidence strongly suggests Maye was telling the truth."  

On Tuesday, the Mississippi State Court of Appeals ruled that Maye will get a new trial. Cory Maye Video
Jackson Free Press: Maye Gets New Trial
Clarion Ledger: Retrial Ordered

Net Neutrality Will Slow the Internet
In a new essay, Reason Foundation's Steven Titch writes: "In mail or shipping, senders can pay more for one- or two-day delivery. They can request a return receipt. They can insure valuable items against loss. All of these come at an extra cost, but they are not seen as unfair to individuals who use regular mail, nor do 'fast lane' services interfere with standard delivery. Under the FCC's non-discriminatory rule, there would be no ability for providers of sophisticated applications to pay a premium to guarantee a higher level of performance. Nor could service providers charge the companies that use immense amounts of bandwidth-search engines, studios, media companies, peer-to-peer services-fees that would reflect the cost of the added management strain they place on the network. While the motivation is preservation of an open Internet, the outcome would be the opposite. The rules would demand ISPs follow 40-year-old data communications architectures that have already been surpassed. The result would be an expensive, slow, poorly performing Internet that would be unable to support bandwidth-rich applications."
Net Neutrality Primer
Internet Neutrality Research

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