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Protesting the Cancellation of Freedom Watch?

Adrian Moore
February 10, 2012, 4:36pm

I am a HUGE fan of Freedom Watch and Judge Napolitano's journalism and commentary.  So I am bitterly disappointed that Fox Business chose to cancel it. My colleague Matt shares my disappointment.

I have to say I find it odd, though, that over at Lew Rockwell they are calling for all to "convey your outrage at this matter" to Fox.  I think I get what they are driving at--Use your voice as a customer to tell the supplier you want them to keep providing the product.  That is smart.   I just would not talk about "outrage" but instead about demand or desire, just because the left so often uses "outrage" and a token for using populist pressure, rather than market pressure, to change decisions.

As much as I like Freedom Watch and the Judge, and hope he lands a new and equally effective gig, the fact is that Freedom Watch did not have good ratings.  So Fox Business's decision is the market in action--they don't need shows that are wildly popular with a small audience, they need shows that draw bigger audiences and thus bigger ad revenue. 

So rather than expressing outrage, all us fans of the Judge ought to be asking--why wasn't his audience bigger? And how can we change that?

Adrian Moore is Vice President, Policy

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