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How to implement realistic and fair pension reforms

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An ominous storm cloud is gathering across the horizon as American governments try to pay for the lucrative pension promises made to their employees. And these clouds are not just over a few skies. They are virtually everywhere. Many government employee pension systems across the nation are in crisis. It is time for you to find out how you can implement reforms that will ensure sustainable pension systems for your government employees and possibly save your jurisdiction from impending fiscal disaster.

We Invite You to an Important and Educational Webinar

The Reason Foundation invites you to join us for one of four free webinars to discuss how you can effectively implement pension reform. These webinars are designed to share with you timely information and experiences from former and current public officials who have successfully navigated the pension reform process in various places across the country. Additionally, we will show you how to get help if you implement pension reform in your jurisdiction.

The expert panel on the webinar will include, among others:

To provide you the best option for your schedule, we are hosting four substantively similar webinars on the following dates. Participation is FREE.

We encourage you to register now for the webinar of your choice.

If you have any questions about Reason Foundation’s efforts on pension reform or the upcoming webinars, please email us at

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