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Nothing to sneeze at

Ted Balaker
August 6, 2007, 1:43pm

So many are convinced that our health care system is desperately ill, but perhaps mass myopia helps explain the sour mood. Turns out we've come very far. In 1836 Nathan Rothschild died from an infection on what was probably a boil. Historian David Landes notes Rothschild was probably the richest man in the world. There's another telling anecdote in Amity Shlaes' fascinating new book book, The Forgotten Man. In 1924 President Coolidge's son got a blister on his toe while playing tennis on White House grounds. Infection developed and he died. Penicillin would have saved his life. The son of a US president died because he did not have access to something that is not only widely available today, but sometimes even free: More here. Related: We're all supermen now

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