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Free the skies

Ted Balaker
January 27, 2005, 10:45am

Daniel Drezner points to this New York Times piece that looks at America's experience with airline deregulation. Some labor unions are actually pushing for reregulation (Or is it "un-de-regulation"? ... No that sounds like something that should concern Victoria's Secret. Rim shot?) Anyhow, here's what one union rep has to say: Of course, there's all sorts of government influence in air travel. Talking about airline deregulation can be misleading because it gives the impression that air travel has been completely deregulated. Yes, fares and routes have been deregulated, but air traffic control, security, and airports themselves are still dominated by government control--at least in the US: Back to the union rep who's pushing rereg: What the hell happened? This is what happened: For more on this go here. (Oh, and sorry about the bad joke.)

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