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Reason Alert: Drew Carey in Cleveland, Rand Paul

Drew Carey, Nick Gillespie meet with Cleveland City Council today

May 27, 2010

- Drew Carey, Nick Gillespie Meet With Cleveland City Council Today
- How to Save Cleveland
- Rand Paul and Civil Rights
- Banning the Burqa
- Upcoming Events and New at Reason

Drew Carey, Nick Gillespie Meet With Cleveland City Council Today
"The host of 'The Price is Right,' who accepted Cleveland City Council President Martin J. Sweeney's invitation to 'come on down,' will address council Thursday to discuss his cut-the-government ideas to save the city. Carey, a board member of the libertarian Reason Foundation, recently produced a series of Web videos laying out his ideas to save Cleveland by privatizing government services, reforming schools, lowering taxes and cutting government red tape. He wasn't kind to those who form the 'centralized government' here, which includes council...Carey and Nick Gillespie, editor of and narrator of the 'Reason Saves Cleveland' series, will address council Thursday at 10 a.m." - Michael McIntyre of the Cleveland Plain Dealer
Watch Live Stream of Carey, Gillespie at City Council Meeting at 10 a.m. Eastern Today
Reason Saves Cleveland With Drew Carey Series

How to Save Cleveland
In his Reason magazine cover story, Nick Gillespie writes, "It isn't hard to understand why certain burghs go bust: Crime goes up, schools go down, taxes go up, services go down, the hassles and costs outweigh the opportunities and benefits until the population leaves in a steady trickle or mass migration. But it is far more difficult to figure out how to shock a pulse back into a place that once thrived. Part of the solution is changing the mind-set of the residents, replacing the alternating feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness, passivity, and defensiveness with more productive emotions and cogitations. The prerequisite for change, the economist Ludwig von Mises once said, is a felt need for change. That's only part of the answer. Fatalism must give way not to delusional optimism and boosterism but to a sense of longing for something better-and, equally important, a belief that it can be achieved. That sensibility is almost completely absent in Cleveland and many other cities today."
Ten Things to Privatize In Cleveland

Rand Paul and Civil Rights
"A broad license to interfere with property rights and freedom of contract inevitably deprives people of choices they value. Rand Paul deserves credit for pointing out that we cannot abridge the freedom of those we despise without endangering our own freedom." - Reason magazine's Jacob Sullum
Kentucky's Libertarian Party Opposes Rand Paul
Brian Doherty: Everybody Loves Rand

Banning the Burqa
In her Forbes column, Reason Foundation's Shikha Dalmia writes, "[Christopher] Hitchens, et al, who have been raised in the cradle of a Christian civilization, have imbibed a certain comfort level with the crusading notion that people can-and ought to-be saved even against their will. Hence, it does not matter if Muslim women don't regard the burqa as oppressive. They have to be given sartorial liberation in the same way that the heathens need to be given spiritual liberation. This is a profoundly anti-liberal and anti-secular idea. Indeed, if the French and Hitchens were serious about either secularism or liberalism, instead of asking Muslim women to shed the burqa, they would be shedding their own proselytizing prejudice against it."


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