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Discovery lands safely. What now?

Ted Balaker
August 9, 2005, 10:19am

Article here. The future of space flight can be found in the same desert where Discovery landed. The Mojave happens to be home to Burt Rutan and he and others like him will likely be the ones to reinvigorate space exploration. For more, see this recent article of mine. Also check out the Space Travel section of this yearé─˘s Annual Privatization Report (see esp. é─˙The New Space Entrepreneuré─¨ on page 9). And hereé─˘s an interesting article that compares the complexity of the shuttle with the simplicity of Rutané─˘s SpaceShipOne. Take, for example, the hatch: Hereé─˘s a chronology of Discoveryé─˘s troubles:

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