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Can a small stone make a big ripple as it rolls forth?

Skaidra Smith-Heisters
October 8, 2008, 7:00pm

Here's the first advertisement I've seen for either side of the 12 propositions on the California ballot right now that has any libertarian resonance. Sure, it's a one-liner, but it is the one-liner we love: "Keep government out of all of our lives." Proponents of the gay marriage ban have been about 10 points behind in numerous polls since May, but a poll by CBS 5/Survey USA last week showed a sudden atrophy of points from the opposition column into the undecided and supportive categories. It could be a fluke, but it could also mean that somewhere in California are voters who are cool to this otherwise quintessentially hot-button issue. Who are they? The polling suggests that the least galvanized voting block on this issue is young people in the greater Los Angeles area. Appropriately, while Proposition 2 has a good showing on YouTube, and the proponents of Proposition 4 have posted their singularly creepy ad, no other California proposition is better represented on YouTube than Proposition 8. (Do a search for any other proposition, and you'll likely receive a prompt to view Proposition 8 opinion pieces instead.) It looks like there's 10 hours or more of videos on this one issue. Finally, if you're wondering:
Can a small stone make a big ripple as it rolls forth? Are Mormon contributors a significant source of money and manpower in this election?
"That is what this website is all about."

Skaidra Smith-Heisters is Policy Analyst

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