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Annual Privatization Report 2013

Developments in Criminal Justice and Corrections

Annual Privatization Report 2013 examines criminal justice and corrections trends

Leonard Gilroy, Harris Kenny, Alexander Volokh and Andrew Livingston
May 6, 2013

The Criminal Justice and Corrections section of Reason Foundation's Annual Privatization Report 2013 provides an overview of the latest on privatization and public-private partnerships in criminal justice and corrections. Subsections include:

A. 2012 Corrections Privatization Overview

B. State and International Corrections Privatization Update 

C. State and Local Correctional Healthcare Privatization Update

D. ANALYSIS: Recent Developments in the Federal Civil-Rights Liability of Federal Private Prisons

E. FOCUS: The Emergence of Social Impact Bonds: Paying for Success in Social Service Innovation

F. FOCUS: Colorado, Washington State Vote to Tax and Regulate Recreational Marijuana for Adults

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Leonard Gilroy is Senior Managing Director, Pension Integrity Project &
Director of Government Reform

Harris Kenny is Policy Analyst

Alexander Volokh is Associate Professor of Law

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